Luminescence in Motion teaser trailer

A trip into the relationship between light, movement and sound.

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JD Racing Promo Video

Challenged to carry out collaborate practice, I chose to professionally engage with JD Racing to create a piece of work that not only I would be proud of but they could use to their advantage commercially. This was an opportunity to provide promotional material for a respected motorcycle brand and a local business. KTM is […]

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Maó and an iPhone 6s

For this holiday I put away my professional equipment, jumped on a plane and found myself capturing moments on my phone, a disposable camera and my trusty crystal ball. Cala Galdana, Binibequer and Es Castell beaches, the Trepucó ruins and Esplanada market featured in the film are just a glimpse into a few of the […]

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Use of light is perhaps everything to the photographer or cinematographer. Working with the light and colour, selecting the best angle may seem straightforward but there are those who see it as an art form. © 2017 Tasha Scagell All Rights Reserved

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Greenall’s Gin live brief.

As Media Art students at Plymouth University our Collaborative Practice module integrates with the YCN annual student awards. This year, 2016-17 my group and I chose the Greenall’s gin live brief. It demands a piece of creative that brings to life a British moment in a contemporary way with Greenall’s gin at its heart.    […]

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A 35mm adventure.

There was a time when the Nikon FM2 was considered an advanced semi-professional SLR Camera. Today the trend is analogue and the darkroom is the place to be. Analogue is a waiting game, when placed in the chemicals you can literally see the image appear to exist. By embracing imperfections in the images, it preserves how […]

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Six piers in six days.

The pier by the sea is a victorian concept. Perhaps their idea of exploring, changing a state of mind or just finding a new place. Weston-Super-Mare Grand and Birnbeck, Teignmouth, Torquay, Paignton and Plymouth. Six piers to capture and a deadline. I wanted to find the feeling from each of the piers but the darker […]

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Plymouth from the air.

Britain’s ocean city, the port that launched so many voyages into the beyond of the blue sea. From the air you see a new perspective, the Germans saw fit to pound it during the world wars but today I seized an opportunity to celebrate it from no other place than the air. A DJI Phantom […]

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Bipolar Paradox.

To some Bipolar is a new thing but only the name is new, formally known as Manic Depression this condition sees swings in mood from high to low or low to high. Spending sprees, aggression, euphoria, promiscuity, can result in financial hardship, depression, low self esteem and loneliness. All this, I feel is potential for […]

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My first short film was filmed on a JVC HD Camcorder, it is about experience and definition of how our perceptions work. Experience begins with our interpretation and understanding of an event or place and the means by which our minds gather and process information is all the same. We use our senses. During this […]

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